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  • Suites Hotel Bonifacio

Hotel Suites

The suites at the Hotel Cala di Greco, offer an intimate universe bounded by a patio, a stakeholder in your space and a shaded terrace furnished and located in the South.

According to the concept of Hotel Bonifacio, our boutique hotel Cala di Greco, we designed suites connected together, each is sheltered by a private patio where nature is again in range.

They are bathed in light for you to enjoy at your convenience sunbeams, depending on the time of day.

The suites of the Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio names inspired from Greek mythology are 14 in number.

They differ in their area and a bathtub in the bathroom:

  • The Ulysse and Penelope suites : 40m², with bathtub
  • The Nausicaa, Héraclès, Ménélas and Kallisté suites : 30m²
  • The Helios, Athena, Scylla and Énée suites : 26m²
  • The Priam suite: 30m², with bathtub and private swimming pool
  • The Hermes Suite: 40m², with bathtub and private swimming pool

All suites have been designed with the aim to make you enjoy modern comfort, subtle, without ostentation so that every detail will make your stay unforgettable.

They offer a view of the blue sea and sky