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Sun, turquoise waters, fine sand, etc. This waking dream is called Bonifacio. Guaranteed change of pace and scenery thanks to Corsica's 25 fine sandy beaches surrounding the tip of the island. Among the most famous beaches are those of Rondinara, Balistra, Sant'Amanza, Piantarella, Fazzio, Paragan, Tonnara, etc. Many TV and film celebrities also love visiting Corsica: Samuel L Jackson, Alicia Keys, etc. A little sport or just total relaxation? Family beach or wild cove? You'll be spoilt for choice!



  • The Crique de Paragan (a five-minute drive from the Cala di Greco Hotel).
  • The Plage de La Tonnara and the wilder Plage de Stagnolo.
  • The Cala Longa beaches.
  • The splendid Baie de la Rondinara. Ranked the most beautiful beach in France, and the third most beautiful beach in Europe.
  • Rocky coves and the Fazzio Archipelago. A UNESCO World Heritage site.The magnificent Lavezzi Archipelago unfurls like a pearl necklace in the glittering sea. The Bouches de Bonifacio natural reserve.
  • Visit the large and small Sperone beaches with their fine sand and turquoise waters.
  • Balistra and its lagoon.
  • The Golfe de Sant'Amanza.
  • The Plage de Canettu
  • Cavallo Island beaches.
  • Just 25 km away, visit Porto Vecchio's famous beaches: Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Pinarello.

Take advantage of the Cala di Greco Hotel's exceptional location to explore hidden gems, such as Roccapina on the West coast where you can enjoy total privacy. Just 17 kilometres from the Hotel, you'll come across the idyllic coves of the Domaine de la Testa, Figari and Pianotolli Caldarello. While the beaches are the main draw in the summer season, Corsica has many other attractions for visitors. A mountain in the sea, Corsica's size means that you can easily explore waterfalls and rivers, and breathe in pure invigorating air while never being more than a stone's throw from the sea.