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  • Cala Di Greco Hotel Luxe Bonifacio
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The swimming pools

A luxurious intimacy with blue infinity

The heated pools of the luxury Cala di Greco Hotel, one of which has a counter current, will bring you serenity and comfort while you gaze upon a landscape where the blue of the sky merges with the blue of the sea…

Overlooking Bonifacio and its 1000 years of history, it is in harmony with the green of the scrub covering the white cliffs.

You will share this haven of peace with the charming villas of “Terra Marina” that are nestled into the three hectares of scrub of the family estate.

You can also eat your breakfast at the pool bar, enjoying the blue infinity in an intimate setting...

The day is yours, you are a guest of Southern Corsica.

  • Hotel avec Piscine
  • DSC 1976
  • DSC 1879
  • Hotel vue Mer
  • Piscine Palmier
  • Piscine de nuit
  • Piscine Hotel Bonifacio
  • Residence Bonifacio Piscine Vue Mer

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