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  • Hotel Bonifacio

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Share in this amazing area of Southern Corsica

The estate that is home to this protected area stretches over more than three hectares planted with century-old trees and myrtle bushes, and dotted with endemic flora.

The sunlight reflects on sparkling Bonifacio... and by the side of the two heated pools, your eyes narrow so that everything around you dissolves, as in a mirage of indescribable beauty.

Casting your eyes over the sea in the distance, bathed in sunlight, you can enjoy your breakfast and lounge at leisure at the Cala di Greco, taking in the rarity of the view for as long as you wish.

From this striking viewpoint the old Genoese town rears up like a theatre set, with the sea as its backdrop, the limestone cliffs, and farther away yet so close, our sister island, Sardinia.

The charm of the Cala di Greco Hotel is its discreet and authentic luxury with a professional and warm welcome and service demonstrating the best that Corsica has to offer.

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