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The beaches

Your luxury Cala di Greco Hotel is at the heart of an entanglement of beaches. Away from the traffic of the town of Bonifacio, Cala di Greco is at the centre of a wide choice of beaches and creeks…

  • Paragan creek (5 minutes by car).
  • La Tonnara beach and the more wild beach of Stagnolo.
  • The beaches of Cala Longa.
  • The splendid Rondinara Bay, voted the most beautiful beach in France, and the third most beautiful beach in Europe.
  • The rocky inlets and the archipelago of Fazzio (listed site).
  • The magnificent Lavezzi archipelago, a long pearl necklace stretching over the sea, at the heart of the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve.
  • Grand Sperone and Petit Sperone with its fine sand and turquoise waters.
  • Balistra and its lagoon.
  • The Gulf of Santa Manza.
You will be spoilt for choice... and the location of the Cala Di Greco Hotel is ideal for discovering an easily accessible but secluded cove where you can feel as if you were the only person in the world.

You may even venture as far as the beaches of the town of Porto Vecchio only 25 km away.

Santa Giulia Bay, Palombaggia or the more wild beaches of the west coast such as Roccapina.

Closer still are the enchanting creeks of Domaine de la Testa, Figari and Pianotolli Caldarello, 17 km from the suites of the Cala di Greco Hotel.

But the beaches, although they are the main attraction on summer days, are not the only thing of interest in Corsica. The luxury of the Cala di Greco Hotel alone is enough to ensure that your stay is utterly enchanting.

Within one hour from your Cala di Greco Hotel, you can depart from Bonifacio to enjoy the waterfalls, the coolness of the rivers and the pure and invigorating air a stone’s throw from the sea – the many assets of Corsica, a mountain in the sea.

During springtime in Bonifacio, the countryside is a dazzling site. It is an explosion of colours, the yellow of the broom contrasting strongly with the prickly shrubs of the scrub that disappears into the infinite nuances of the turquoise blues.