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Bonifacio, Southern Corsica

The Cala di Greco Hotel invites you to discover Southern Corsica

When you drive in the direction of Bonifacio, there is a moment when the landscape suddenly changes from grey to white, and from granite to limestone.

You will really notice this dividing line.

As you meander through the countryside you are surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees. The sea breeze blows and the sea comes into view... You will see around you dry stone walls made of layers of small flat slabs, works of art that have acquired a patina over the years.

As you pass gardens you will also see the shelters with stone roofs, built with dexterity using the same dry stone slabs, under which, in times past, farmers sheltered. And when you arrive at the most southern point, Bonifacio, a fortified town, looms up as if it were on a limestone table.

The town has a population of 3000. The sea is there again, surrounding this peninsula, the most southern point of Corsica that can be seen from the most famous hole of Sperone golf course.

It is overlooked by cliffs 80 metres high with houses hanging on to their edges.

The town has a Vauban-style bastion, fortifications encircling the town, a monumental gateway and a drawbridge that no longer draws up.

It is a town rich in history, dating from the year 800.

A naturally protected port of a length of 1.5 km is home to fishing boats and, during the summer months, some of the world’s most beautiful yachts.

You are not dreaming, you are in Bonifacio.

The Cala di Greco Hotel awaits you and your dream becomes reality.